We produce kiosks of different types and sizes and equip them with professional 32” - 80” (81 - 203 cm) FullHD touch screen. Control computers for the kiosks are chosen according to the nature of the application used as well as the kiosk use.

Thanks to their variability, our kiosks are used in many sectors: congresses, conferences, fairs, exhibitions, information centres (in towns or villages), noticeboards, motor shows (cars, motorcycles, cosmetics, etc), shopping centres, information kiosks (hobby markets), design samples/catalogues (pneu, cyclo etc.), hotel foyers, multiplexes, theatres, museums, universities, galleries, hospitals, office and administrative buildings, transport providers (buses, trains, etc.), railway stations, airports, tickets presale and many others

Standard solution

Standard line of kiosks is based on the requirements for modern design and the usage of preferred materials as e.g. stainless steel, komaxit, glass, etc. The touch screens used dispose of high contrast and colours. All displays that we use enable 24/7 mode. Colours and corporate logos procurement depends on the requirements of the client.
meet•U 42" meet•U 55" meet•U 65" meet•U 70" meet•U 80"
Weight – interior 100-150 kg 115-165 kg 125-175 kg 155-200 kg 170-220 kg
Weight – exterior 120-170 kg 130-180 kg 140-190 kg 175-220 kg 190-240 kg
Input 180-220 W 200-240 W 220-260 W 250-290 W 310-350 W
Screen size 107 cm 140 cm 165 cm 178 cm 203 cm
Resolution 1920×1080 px 1920×1080 px 1920×1080 px 1920×1080 px 1920×1080 px
Kiosk size (w×h×d) 73×200×16 cm 89×210×16 cm 109×215×16 cm 180×200×22 cm 205×210×22 cm
Pedestal size 89×47 cm 106×47 cm 125×47 cm 196×52 cm 221×52 cm

Unique design solutions

Unique kiosk solutions follow a maximal compatibility with the architectural conception of the space in which the kiosk is located. We can create unique kiosk design on the basis of our clients’ wishes and according to their specific requirements and needs – it is possible to use less traditional materials, e.g. brass, copper, wood, alubond, etc. Upon consultation, we can also equip the kiosk with movable parts or with design lighting.