meet•U GUIDE - solution for galleries, museums, castles

Portable touch screen terminals meet•U GUIDE with 7” - 10” display serve as an interactive information guide for the visitors. The terminals offer complete information about the whole exposition. meet•U GUIDE introduces information to the visitors in an interesting and attractive way. They can use audio commentaries for exposed articles or play videos relating to the exhibition or exposition. Moreover, it is possible to have everything in text format as well.
We will adjust the software, even the graphical form, according to your requirements – we will include photograps and logos and adjust all colours based on your wishes. The interactive format will certainly please all visitors and contribute to their maximal satisfaction.
  • Easy manipulation

  • Information accessibility

  • Multiple language environment (English, German, French)

  • Graphical solution based on clients’ requirements

  • Fast and simple administration and content control

  • Possibility of future expandability


meet•U TOURIST - solution for hotels, guesthouses, travel agencies and information centers

meet•U TOURIST can be used at the terminals of different sizes – mobile terminals from 7” - 12” as well as wide 80” (202 cm) screen kiosks. The terminals offer information about anything of interest for the guests, even about the area in which they are located at the moment. After the check-in, each guest is offered the terminal, serving as a guide for his/her stay in the city and its surroundings. The guests can use functions and services connected to an accommodation facility – reservation of hotel services, food and drink orders to be delivered to the room and many others.
The advantage of the terminal software is the high variability of its individual parts – these can be extended or limited upon your requirements. Information is easily updated, e.g. directly from the reception desk.
  • Multiple language platform (English, German, French, Russian)

  • Stable (24/7 operation)

  • Warranty and After Warranty service

  • Basic functions: information centre, cultural information, gastronomical guide, sport centres, Internet browser, important contacts

  • Additional functions: food and drink menu, reservation system of hotel services, evaluation system

meet•U RESTAURANT - solution for restaurants, bars, wine bars, clubs

Standard version of the meet•U RESTAURANT terminal offers many functions that make running your restaurant easier, faster and cheaper. The advantage of the terminal software is the high variability of its individual parts, which can be extended or limited upon your requirements. Information showed on the terminals may be easily updated. Presentation adjustment according to your wish is a matter of course. As a part of meet•U RESTAURANT is a digital menu (in addition to a printed menu) and a mobile waiter (for orders directly “from the table”).
Moreover, with respect to foreign clients, all meet•U RESTAURANT terminals communicate in Czech, English and German language. Other language versions can be added if there is an interest.
For more information do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Basic functions: food menu, drink menu, waiter call, chat (between tables), invitation (for other tables), jukebox, transport, happy hours

  • Additional packages: newscast, transport schedules, information center, Internet browser, accommodation