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Interactive touch screen kiosks for wide use


Modern solution of poster sections for congresses and conferences equipped with meetPoster application.

Introducing meet•U

meet•U is a complex and variable solution of touch screen kiosks and terminals produced and provided by the company Trilobite Technologies, s.r.o. Thanks to their great variability, MeetU products are often used as presentation, information or navigation kiosks at congresses, conferences, fairs or in administrative buildings, hotels, galleries or museums.
The kiosks and terminals are designed by our company, which also produces both hardware and software. This fact enables us to fully meet the requirements of our clients. When renting the kiosks, we provide the client with a complete service starting from the transport and installation up to the preparation and proofreading of presented data, including customer support on the spot. Trilobite Technologies has a long-term experience in the field of touch screen technologies and their use at conferences and congresses, which is clearly reflected in the treatment quality, ergonomic control and functionality range of our kiosks.

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